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I always thought Africa is a misunderstood country. When you say “Africa” most people will make immediate associations with issues such as extreme poverty, diseases, political corruption, socio-economic devise, Western exploitation, civil wars. All real problems, that I realize.


However, rarely have I had a conversation about Africa which was simply about its joyful elements, such as its astonishing natural landscapes, or the beauty of its many local cultures. I found a lot of harmony in Ghana, and Lasting Colors: Another Sight was mainly a portrait of this esthetic balance.


There are many ways of establishing a connection with the places we come across. Photo reporting is my personal instrument for doing so, and my attempt to connect with that society was also critical for Lasting Colors: Another Sight.


I needed to feel part of those situations, and to make them part of my experience in turn. To do so, I started searching for that esthetic harmony which I found in the crawling streets, the geometric buildings lost in the wilderness of nature, the colorful clothes of the everyday man and woman attending a friend’s wedding, the body posture of an old man, the timid smile of a young boy and his proud way of standing behind a camera, and all the other circumstances I was presented with simply by being there and observing life going on.


Lasting Colors: Another Sight is a series of photos I took during my two visits in Ghana in the course of the past three years. It wasn’t the popular, great or shocking elements of the country I was in the search for, as the hidden yet evident to me details of contemporary daily life and beauty in Ghanaian society. It’s an ongoing project about Africa, so Ghana was just its starting point.

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